I am an artist from Waxhaw, North Carolina, with a focus on both figurative and abstract compositions. These usually involve multiple layers and sketches, culminating in a final “product.” Limbs are often placed where they do not belong and faces are sometimes distorted or multiplied. I view this process as a never-ending quest to find the figure that is buried under strokes or geometric/non-geometric shapes.
Art to me is ripping thoughts from my brain and putting them onto paper or canvas; I value destruction and mistakes. The most common motif represented in my art is the boxing figure, acting as a metaphor and an acting object; it serves as a “clueing in” for the symbols of life and death, man vs. self/man, the fragility of the human ego and body and the spiritual force that is keeping the boxer fighting. I believe this representation of the boxer allows for a more intimate look into the figure, despite the gruesome display I usually portray them with, including exaggerated breasts, stomachs, hands, teeth and eyes.
I currently live and work in Nashville, Tennessee.